Our Sparkle Story


 Hello SPARKLE friends! My name is Arline. I'm 35 years old and the single mother of four amazing children! Everything you see here is inspired by my children and for my children. I started my company, Lola and Darla, with a very special love in my heart for SPARKLE. Here is our SPARKLE STORY:

My oldest daughter Lola was diagnosed with autism when she was just 20 months old. I put everything in my life on hold to help her fight her diagnosis. For over three years, I drove Lola to and from therapy at least twice a day, sometimes three times. When Lola was 3 years old, I started buying necklaces for her as a reward for all of the hard work she had been doing in her numerous therapy classes. Lola's eyes would twinkle with each new necklace I would give her. I don't normally believe in gift giving for these "reward" purposes but with autism, when you get a response, you really need to stick with it! Although I could easily make the jewelry myself, I purchased from a local girl. I knew once I opened that SPARKLE door again, there was no turning back! I love the creative process and often lose myself in designing new items! The necklaces were darling but never had enough SPARKLE! At night while Lola slept, I would take apart the necklaces and make them as sparkly as possible. I would often say, they need more SPARKLE. Lola always sparkles!

Shortly after, I created my business Lola and Darla. Named after my two SPARKLE Darlings, I have taken my passion for SPARKLE and fiercely translated that into my brand.

I have a firm belief that early intervention is the key to managing most challenges in life, including autism. Today, Lola is in a regular second grade class. Lola has tons of amazing friends and is one of the smartest kids in her grade. We are lovingly supported every single day by an amazing community. Lola gets to enjoy the "normal" blessings life brings. She celebrates birthdays with friends, she is outgoing, funny, and genuinely the sweetest soul I have ever met! Lola has proven that autism can be conquered and together with her little sister Darla, we are committed to SPARKLE FOREVER. 

Arline, Lola and Darla